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If you are planning a big party or event, the last thing you want to do is coordinating lots of different suppliers. That means multiple bills to pay, various deliveries to coordinate and different schedules to collect the items after the party is over. When all you want to do is enjoy yourself, that’s a lot of extra unnecessary planning. We have party packages of our most popular products so all you need to do is make your selection, pay once, and enjoy your party.

Also in chikyjump.net, you have the option select products and services for your party, add to your cart and customize your own party package online.

Basic Party Package

Basic Plan

With the Basic Plan you can have the next items:

Basic Party Package

Fun Plan

With the Fun Plan you can have the next items:

Basic Party Package

Big Plan

With the Big Plan you can have the next items:

Customize Party Package

Make your own Plan

  • Online Store is available NOW!
  • From your home or office, it only takes a couple of clicks to create the party of your dreams! Don’t worry, we’ll do the rest.
  • Add your rentals to the cart.
  • Plan Your Party
  • Confirm and Pay
  • ChikyJump does the work